Epoch North | How To Build Links In 2017
Back in the day, link building simply meant developing links to your website, but that all changed with Google's latest updates.
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How To Build Effective Links In 2017

Link Building in 2017

How To Build Effective Links In 2017

Back in the day, link building simply meant developing links to your website. But that all changed after the launch of Google Penguin, an algorithm that detected spammy links (links that were bought off or traded) and devalued them.

This update meant websites that were legitimate but had a low ranking were pushed up in Google SERPs and those that dealt in shady tactics were punished. Before we get started you should know link building is painful. It consumes a lot of time and is very laborious.

At Caliber we know from experience, a forty hour a week could be dedicated to this one task.

Anatomy of a Link

Anchor texts are identified by Google crawlers and there are a variety styles. These include naked URLs, branded, branded-hybrid, and exact match.

Every link has a link referral location (where the link goes) and anchor text (what’s visible on the website). The anchor text is the clickable part embedded in text. For example, let me take you to our home page.

Anchor texts play an important role in link building activities because it tells google crawler what your site is about and for what keywords your pages should rank for.

So know that you know the anatomy of a link, you’re probably wondering how you can generate backlinks to your webpage. We’ve put together a few strategies to help you get started.


Conduct Interviews with social media influencers and experts who are willing to go to any length to promote themselves and their own content.

This is a great way to develop inbound links as they will often post the content on their blogs and social channels. Another option is to gather experts from your and ask them questions about the state of the sector. Once you post the interview, it is often shared by the same experts.

Post Quality Content

Believe it or not, quality content actually has a huge impact on your reach and shares. When you create great content it has a higher chance of being published on high authority websites. Getting a link from the Huffington Post or the BBC can provide a big boost to your site.

Taking additional time to do in depth research and contributing to your industry is one of the best ways to get recognized by the major players across the web. Good sites appreciate flare and knowledge; and they’ll be more than happy to link to you if you provide those things.

Reflect (Link Baiting)

This is a creative way to get links, that doesn’t require extensive research or taking the time to interview someone. Reflection content simply expands on a previous post idea and adds in your own unique perspective. When done right, the original post will often link to your post as an extension to their work earning you a backlink in the process.

But this isn’t as simple as taking a listicle and adding one more point. You’ll have to work to create something that really adds value to the original piece… A little flattery of the original author doesn’t hurt either.

Competitive link building

Link building, like virtually every aspect of the web, is competitive and when it comes to link building there’s no exception. This is where a little bit of corporate espionage can come into play… okay not really, but seeing where your competition is getting its links from is a great place for you to start.

Odds are if a website has linked one of you competitors, they’ll have at least some interest in linking to your site as well. Take a little time to reach out to those sites and see what they need to provide a link back to you. You may need to provide a piece of content, a little cash back, or nothing at all, but by getting that backlink your closing the competitor advantage and your business’ potential.

Still interested in learning more about link building and how it can improve you online presence? Send us an email at hello@epochnorth.ca with any inquiries and we’ll be happy to help. And if you’re looking for more great information check out our post on writing SEO optimized blog posts!

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