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Alcatel Social Media Rebrand

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Alcatel Middle East Social Rebrand

The Brief

Alcatel MENA reached out to us hoping to reinvent their social presence and differentiate themselves in the competitive world of mobile devices. In addition to a new visual style, they were looking for more effective community management coupled with strategic content promotion to reach new customers across the region.

The Campaign

To meet Alcatel’s objectives we began an intensive redesign of the company’s social media assets. Working from the corporate style guide we adapted the look and feel of the brand for the MENA region and created a more localized experience for users. After the new look and feel was complete we revamped the community management protocols and worked with the in house social team to develop new KPIs for the department. Finally we created a 5 campaign strategy to effectively promote our changes and ensure that the target audience experienced the new Alcatel.

The Results

The combination of a new brand image combined with a more cohesive content and promotion strategy allowed Alcatel to excel in the MENA region. We saw growth across all platforms targeted including a 200% increase in Instagram followers and a 95% increase in Facebook page likes. We also achieved a considerable increase of 300% in social based traffic to the website.

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